Resume for interniship

This course provides an introduction to cyber security and digital crime to students and information technology professionals interested in information security. Students will learn about information security threats, dangers, and risks that organizations face in the workplace as well as gain the ability to analyze potential vulnerabilities that can have an adverse impact on digital assets. 2,================================== Concern for cybersecurity is real. Organizations today are more vulnerable to logical attacks than ever before. The reasons for such cyber-attacks are countless, and protection against them is tenuous at best. While motivation for the attacks might range from personal gain to theft of proprietary information to corporate fraud and terrorism, protection demands that adequate measures are put in place that ensure the security and integrity of an enterprise. This course provides an overview of cybersecurity threats, compromises and the related protection mechanisms. Topics include security of communications, networks and infrastructures. The course also discusses best practices in security policy formulation, cyber forensics and prevention of cybercrimes. Overall, the course introduces the latest developments in the field. 3================================ ITS310 is the first course in a series of courses in computer technology at CSU-Global wherein students learn about computer components, their functions, and troubleshooting. In this course, students are introduced to computer hardware (power supply, system unit containing motherboard, CPU, memory, buses, and ports), communication components and transmission channels (wired and wireless transmission media), and Windows desktop operating systems. Students also learn to assemble and configure hardware, install software and network components, as well as troubleshoot hardware, software, and computer network and security issues. This computer course prepares the students for CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam, which covers computer technology fundamentals and LabSim PC Pro exam. In addition, the course also equips them with the knowledge and skills to manage helpdesk functions and small to medium business IT operations. Students gain mastery of these skills by performing simulated hands-on exercises in LabSim. After the successful completion of this course, students will be able to install, manage, repair, and troubleshoot PC hardware and Windows client operating systems. Students will have the real-world skills employed by PC technicians in daily tasks. The course, thus, prepares students for entry-level computer technician jobs. 4================================= Work experience: I worked with Akins taxes,my responsibility are: customer service,troubleshooting the computer if needed,make an appointment,and verify client information in other to make sure everything is correct before final submission.

my specialization is cyber security

i need a good resume that would attract the companys attention



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