Culture has a major role in international business. For this reason it is important to investigate the elements of culture and the effect they have on practices. After completing these activities you will be prepared to engage in activities with peers to apply your knowledge.

Investigate what cultural intelligence is and why cultural difference is important in business.

WatchPlay Video
WatchPlay Video.

Read Chapter 2 on culture.

As you read focus on these concepts:

Why study culture
What is a global mindset
Appropriate behavior
Social Structure and Education
World Religions – how does this affect business internationally
Personal Communication
Culture and work

Go back through the chapter and complete the Quick Study Questions to check your understanding.

In 2014 Iran’s religious government banned access to the WhatsApp messaging site because, officials said, it is owned by Jewish “American Zionist” Mark Zuckerberg. Might the ban have more to do with the government’s fear of social media’s power to spread information and ideas quickly? Explain.
The first time Swedish furniture company, ikEA, searched outside Scandinavia for new design inspiration, it looked to china.the resulting product line, called trending, was a cultural collaboration between Swedish and Chinese artisans. What cultural and global business factors may have inspired IKEA to seek design aesthetics in China.
Just answer questions in the Task. No need to express further information.




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