Information technology Risk Assessment Report

1. The objective of this project is to develop a Risk Assessment Report for a company, government agency, or other organization. The analysis will be conducted using only publicly available information (that is, information obtainable on the Internet (using a browser), company reports, news reports, journal articles, etc.). The risk analysis should consider legitimate, known threats that pertain to the subject organization. Based on the information gathered, presumed vulnerabilities of the company or organization’s computing and networking infrastructure will be identified. Then, based on the identified threats and vulnerabilities you will describe the risk profile for the subject organization and suggest recommendations to mitigate the risks. The students will demonstrate in the Research Paper project their ability to communicate clearly and acquisition, application and integration of knowledge skills. We will have rubrics to evaluate risk analysis subject matter competency and communications and knowledge competencies.

The proposal should include description of the organization you are proposing to analyze, scope (e.g., entire organization, key business area, major system, etc.) for the risk assessment, research methods to be used and preliminary list of research information sources and references. Your instructor will provide feedback on the suitability of the proposed subject organization and the scope, as well as the suitability of the proposed research methods and information sources.

The final output is a paper 12 pages (double-spaced) long, exclusive of cover, title page, table of contents, endnotes and bibliography. The paper must use APA formatting and reference citations with the exception that tables and figures can be inserted at the appropriate location rather than added at the end.

2.(1) Social Media is one of the “Emerging Technologies” for competition, growth and innovation. View the video below on how global organizations are using Social Media. According to the video, where is Social Media most effective?

View the youTube video:

(2) Give a real world example of a company using Social Media for competition, growth and/or innovation. For maximum credit, answer this question in terms of business capabilitiesdescribed by University of Missouri: Marketing and Sales, Production (or Manufacturing), Accounting and Finance, and Human Resources (Information Systems for Business Functions). Minimum 300 words


Information Systems for Business Functions. Retrieved, February 16, 2018 from University of Missouri- St. Louis.





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