‘Pathway’ to Student Success

Note: This homework is based on They Say, I Say, Chapter 6, “Planting a Naysayer in Your Text.”

Read the article entitled “Community Colleges Try a New ‘Pathway’ to Student Success” (Links to an external site.)

by Karin Fischer, published in Ed Source, August 14, 2018

(Here is a printable versionPreview the document of the article that you may use for annotation.)

The article, “Community Colleges Try a New Pathway to Student Success,” explains the new ‘pathway’ approach to student education at the community college level in California. ( All of the nine colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District, which includes LASC, are currently embarked on the pathway approach to student education.) Overall, this article by Karin Fischer makes a strong argument for the approach. At the same time, it includes objections to the approach, referring to some “grumbling faculty” and also to specific professors.

Read the article, take notes, and make certain you have fully comprehended it. (See my “Guidelines for Reading Comprehension” in Modules.)

Write a paragraph that argues your own position on the pathways approach. Also do the following:

Plant a naysayer in your text.
Use one of the templates to introduce the naysayer – see pp. 81-85.
Represent the other side’s objections fairly, but answer persuasively.
Make sure to offer specific support for your argument, including at least one quotation. (Don’t forget to use the quotation sandwich.)
Write in complete sentences and use transitional phrases.

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