connections between human-induced global warming and the increased incidence of hurricanes

The objective in writing a geography research paper most often is to assemble information from a variety of sources of data into a coherent argument to demonstrate that you understand the material.

Acceptable Sources- Journals, books, edited chapters in books, and government documents

Not Acceptable: In this paper I will discuss global warming and the increased incidence of hurricanes in the Southeastern U.S.

Appropriate: The frequency and intensity of hurricanes in the Southeastern U.S. has risen dramatically since the 1990s (source). Scientists have noted that some of the warmest average global temperatures over the past 100 years have also occurred since the 1990s, suggesting that there is a causal link between global warming and hurricane development (source). This paper
will examine the connections between human-induced global warming and the increased incidence of hurricanes, and the impact that future warming may have on the Southeast United States.

Just to make sure this paper needs to be a research topic based on either a National Park or State Park, this means you can look at landforms, geology, is history or development. A common paper that wouldn’t be acceptable is something like this: Global Warming & Sea Level Change… although an interesting topic, it does not fit the criteria of this course.


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