How you might use this information in your career or future.

1. half page chapter 12 reflection

should include 1) something you learned from the presentation(s), 2) a question you have about topic or something additional you would like to learn because of the information presented and 3) how you might use the information learned in your future.

This reflection is over chapter 12

2. one page of interview

Interview with a Leader/Manager:

Interview someone in a leadership/management role – preferable in an industry in which you plan to work. The purpose of this assignment is for you to begin or continue networking and learn more about what is expected from a leader/manager. Submit a written paper including the following information (may include more based on information you want to know.

Education needed to achieve his/her position
Experience needed to achieve his/her position
Rewards of the position
Challenges experienced
Traits you admired while conducting the interview
Advice he/she would give to someone entering this field
3.finish the document of personal board

Think about people in your life who would be good mentors/advisors for you throughout your career or at least who could and would support you in beginning your career. List at least five people who you would like to have on your personal board of directors, why you believe he/she would be able to support you and the areas (knowledge/skills) with which he/she may be able to help you.

4. watch video half page reflection

Reflection Paragraph: Write a reflection paragraph over the Who Moved My Cheese video. It is also posted here for your convenience. While it is an old video and in cartoon form there is a great deal to learn from this adaptation from the best selling book. This is a short paragraph which should include the following three things:

1.) Something you learned or thought was interesting from the YouTube/information presented

2.) A question you have about the topic or something additional you would like to learn because of the information presented.

3.) How you might use this information in your career or future.

The purpose of writing brief reflection paragraphs is for you to think about what you learned from an assignment and how you might practically apply the knowledge to your career.

Who Moved My Cheese (Links to an external site.)Who Moved My Cheese


can you also do this

Personal or Company SWOT analysis – It is entirely acceptable to do a SWOT analysis on the Company of the case your team chooses to do for your team project. However this is an individual assignment and all students are required to submit this assignment.

Perform a SWOT analysis for either yourself, your team, or a topic or business of your choice. Please be certain to include at least two bullet points under each of the SWOT areas. Be sure to keep in mind the difference between the weaknesses an threats. I have included the YouTube video by Erica Olson for your review. It is the same one as was posted in week one with the Mission and Vision YouTube videos.






The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to apply what you have learned about the SWOT analysis.

How to Perform a SWOT Analysis (Links to an external site.)How to Perform a SWOT Analysis


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