Discuss the connections between your readings and the content we’ve covered for the past seven weeks.



The purpose of this CRR is for you to familiarize yourself with the readings you will be teaching during your chosen team-teach week. There’s no need to do a super close read of the articles. Skim through them (somewhat carefully) to respond to the prompts below. You will need to refer to your CRR when we meet next week (Week 8) to start the lesson planning process.


Step 1: Read/skim the content assigned to the week you’ve chosen to sign up for your team-teach, and highlight/note sections of the text that you feel are relevant

Step 2: For each reading, articulate the author’s main ideas/theory and key concepts in bullet point format

Step 3: Articulate the connections that you see across the set of readings in bullet point format

Step 4: Discuss the connections between your readings and the content we’ve covered for the past seven weeks. For example, how does Marx’s theory of historical materialism relate to Valenzuela’s concept of “subtractive schooling”?

Step 5: Write at least three questions that you would ask students (like those you have seen in past CRRs) that you think could operate as signposts to assist students with (1) the identification of key concepts, (2) attending to central connections across the set of readings for that week, and (3) identifying connections between this week’s set of readings and the previous material covered during weeks 2-7.

Step 6: Think about two possible activities you might ask W 190 students to do during your team-teach to better understand the readings and accompanying digital tools you would want students to use as part of their learning process (e.g., concept mapping with Sketchboard IO, or video making with FlipGrid). Write these ideas down in bullet point form/draft narrative. They don’t have to be fully fleshed-out. I just want you to start thinking about this and get some of your ideas down.


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