Create your presentation by using PowerPoint (or keynote, etc) AND use Screencast-O-Matic to record your audio presentation.

The Topic was chosen ( For the presentation selection, I would like to do my project on The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.)


make sure that you are using power point and write a transcript of what I will say to let me record the presentation by my voice.

Each Presentation Must Include:

  • At least 1 image (creatively labeled and images cited) of high quality of the entire structure. (This would mean that you would go and photograph the courthouse)
  • At least 4 images (creatively labeled and images cited) of high quality detailing the structural elements (for example, a column would also discuss its capitals, any fluting, etc) from different distances or viewpoints. (Again, you would include more detailed photographs of the columns, pediment, entablature)
  • 3-4 minute voice presentation by each student introducing the structure, its architect, and location, then a detailed description of the structure using pertinent architectural terminology. Additionally, discuss the structure’s art historical significance by including a specific classical structure that we’ve discussed in lectures or in your textbook that serves as an appropriate comparison. You must use the correct and pertinent architectural terms.
  • 1 bibliography in MLA format included at the end of your presentation. This can be a slide.
  • Images and slides must be labeled (and cited) with detailed information of the image being discussed.
  • Student’s full name embedded in file name

Please note: Students must use their own words and cannot read or recite text from an existing webpage, book, or article.

**Image citation: Please include the source of each photograph/image on the slides of your presentation. For example, if you use a personal photograph, please include “Image by Jane Smith”. If you use a sourced image, please include “Image by Metropolitan Museum of Art”.

Create your presentation by using PowerPoint (or keynote, etc) AND use Screencast-O-Matic to record your audio presentation. All student presentations must be recorded using Screencast. The presentation will be uploaded into the group Blendspace that will be created and shared with you by the group leader. Screencast-O-Matic is a free tool that allows you to record over a PowerPoint presentation. All students must use this tool to create your presentation.

Project Grading Rubric Levels of Achievement
Criteria Novice
Thoughtfully select structure built after 1700 that contains obvious influences from Greco Roman antiquity.  10 Points
Include at least 5 high-quality images of the structure and its collections. Each of these images should be adequately labeled. Ideally, these are personal photographs, however you may use photos from a website (i.e. a museum website, etc), you must cite the image source.  30 Points
Include a high-quality 3-4 minute voice recording that introduces the structure, its architect, location, a detailed description of the assigned architectural element using pertinent architectural terms, and the structure’s art historical significance (include a historical comparision). All statements and ideas must be in your own words and cannot be read or recited from an existing webpage, book, or article.  50 Points
Include a bibliography in proper MLA format in your presentation. 



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