Complete all sections in the research notebook

Your completed research notebook is due this week. You can review the full instructions and information in Week 1: Research Notebook Homework.

This week, you must:

  • Review rough draft feedback in Waypoint
  • Finish additional research (if needed)
    • At least eight credible, high-quality sources
      • At least five must be scholarly (from the library)
  • Complete all sections in the research notebook
  • Complete research notebook cover page
  • Submit complete research notebook for grading

Homework Week-by-Week

You Are Here
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
  • Complete Section One
  • Begin Section Two
  • Begin Section Three
  • Complete Section Two
  • Continue Section Three
  • Begin Section Four
  • Continue Section Three
  • Continue Section Four
  • Begin Section Five
  • Complete Section Three
  • Complete Section Four
  • Complete Cover Page
  • Submit Completed Research Notebook

For more information: Annotated Research Notebook Instructions, Week 4

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