Discuss at least 3 of the social costs of Substance abuse

The Midterm consists of 4 essay questions. The questions are from the text.  I would like to see a thoughtful well written narrative that demonstrates a clear understanding of the question.

You will all do great;

Professor Charboneau

Question 1 (20 points)

  • Discuss 3 “costs” of substance abuse. Discuss the health related issues associated with these “costs”. Minimum 250 words.

Question 2 (20 points)

  • Discuss at least 3 of the social costs of Substance abuse. Please use what you have learned. about prevention to devise an action plan to correct these issues. Minimum 250 words.

Question 3 (20 points)

  • Discuss at least 2 ways to delay adolescent use of drugs, and alcohol.
  • Minimum 250 words.

Question 4 (20 points)

  • Discuss the national costs savings of school-based prevention programs. Identify at least 3 tenets of these programs from the reading in the class.
  • minimum 250 words.


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