Leonardo da Vinc and his phenomenal mind

Much of our module 4 has concerned Leonardo da Vinci, his art but also his phenomenal mind and, above all, his unending curiosity, imagination, and inventiveness. For your paper assignment, I’d like you to become personally inspired by some aspect of Leonardo’s life, art, inventiveness, and/or curiosity to become artistic, inventive, and/or curious about your own and our, early 21st century world. In other words, think of something that captures your curiosity today, relate it to something that Leonardo did or to some aspect of Leonardo’s life and thinking, and use your 2-page essay to demonstrate how Leonardo’s example of probing curiosity inspires you to think originally or anew about some aspect of our modern life. This could actually be a work of art that you write about, an invention, an idea, or even a musing about something contemporary that you are inspired to do or think about by virtue of the example of Leonardo.



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