Why is that event so important?

Please type in answers to the questions in this assignment, then upload the assignment as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf to the correct dropbox in Blackboard (make sure it is saved as one of those file types, since Blackboard won’t read it otherwise). I will apply the rubric (available at the end of the document, and on Blackboard) to your answers for each question, but the goal here is to help you work towards thinking about the content of the upcoming paper. If you have any unsatisfactory scores, you may resubmit up to twice in the two weeks after the assignment due date (October 9).

This assignment is intended to start you on the process of reflection that will lead to your second paper (the book analysis). For that paper, you will need to discuss the main character, Murderbot, and its relationship with the rest of the book.

  1. For this assignment, you will need to first establish who Murderbot is and what Murderbot is like. In the space below, describe Murderbot in your own words (be as specific as you can).
  2. Now that you are clear on who Murderbot is, it will help you to reflect also on what you think the book as a whole is about. In the space below, describe the book as a whole: what focus or themes do you think are important to understanding what goes on in the book?
  3. Now compare your two descriptions (of Murderbot and the book as a whole). Are there obvious connections between the two? If so, how do they connect? If not, why not?
  4. What event or events in the book do you think are most important to understanding the character of Murderbot?
  5. Choose one of the events you listed above. Why is that event so important?
  6. When considering Murderbot’s role in the book you should also consider Murderbot’s relationships to the other characters in the book. Which other character or characters do you think are most important to the book?
  7. Choose one of the characters you listed above. Why is that character important to understanding the book?




Category Satisfactory Unsatisfactory (see feedback comments for details for revision)
On Time Turned in by October 9 at 12pm Not turned in on time (must revise in the next 2 weeks if so)


It is easy to determine what you are saying and why It is difficult to discern what you had to say, or to read the text.


The descriptions you give of the character and events match what is going on in the book. The descriptions you give misrepresent the characters or events of the book in some way.


The examples and descriptions you provide are connected to the questions asked and the prompts given, and to each other within a given prompt. The examples and descriptions you provide are either not clearly connected to the questions asked and prompts given, or do not connect to each other.



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