What is the name and number of the bill?

Paper instructions

** my state is Georgia **

I am located in _______ (State of residence).
The governor of my state is ______.
I am located in State Senatorial district ______; represented by State Senator _________.
I am located in House district ______; my state Representative is ________.
I am located in U.S. House district ______; represented by ____________.
My U.S. Senators are _________ and __________.
A useful website for understanding government in my state is _______. (Write a brief paragraph describing some of the information that can be explored using this website.)
A current controversial social policy issue in my state is ______. (Write a brief paragraph explaining why this is a controversial issue.)
Go to your state homepage and see if you can find a piece of legislation on a topic that interests you. The legislation you select should be a piece of legislation that is either currently being considered by your state legislature or one that has recently become a law. In a short paragraph of 3-6 sentences, answer the following questions:
What is the name and number of the bill?
Who is the sponsor of this bill?
Briefly, in your own words, summarize what this bill is about. Be sure to include a link to a website where additional information on this bill can be found.



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