The Lottery, A Good Man is Hard to Find

Question1 : Classify, Describe and Compare: How would you describe or classify the violence in each of these stories? Is one type of violence less horrific than the others? Which act of violence did you find most shocking or immoral?

Question2 :Describe the Grandmother and The Misfit in two short paragraphs. Why did the writer choose to characterize the Grandmother the way she did? Can you find any sympathy for the Misfit despite his horrific violent act? In your opinion, what religious message did Flannery O’ Connor intend, if any? The Grandmother and the Misfit are the two most important characters in this story. This story is an example of the literary genre SOUTHERN GOTHIC – a genre where heavy religious themes and imagery are present, despite the presence of dark and violent actions.

Question3 : The Lottery was published in a newspaper after World War 2, and received an overwhelmingly negative response. Controversy has surrounded the story for a long time. What is the source (or sources) of this controversy? What is Shirley Jackson trying to convey through the violent event at the end of the story? What real life historical events is she commenting on? Why does this story make people so angry? Use quotes/ideas from the article and the story to back up your arguments.

Fiction – A Good Man is Hard to Find (516) and The Lottery (Link below)



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