Literature Review: Change within health services organizations within the healthcare system

You are required to complete a research paper for this course, which is due in Unit VII. The research paper is a significant portion of your grade, so you should consider it a very important activity.

The final research paper must be a minimum of six to eight pages in length, including at least the following sections (you may want to include others if you deem them appropriate):

Challenges and Problems (associated with your topic)
Review of the Literature
Critical Analysis of Challenges/Problems
Recommended Solutions
Implementation of Solutions
The topic for the research paper must relate to this course. Some possible titles for your consideration include:

Components of the U.S. Healthcare System
Commonalities and Differences Between Health Services Organizations
Effective Leadership Strategies Used by Healthcare Leaders
Managing Conflict in a Healthcare Organization
Concepts and Strategies with Negotiation
Strategies for Increasing Employee Motivation
Effective Organizational Structure in a Specific (your choice) Health Service Organization
The Role of Strategic Alliances in Health Care
The Importance of Having a Culture of a Learning Organization in Health Care
Approaches for Quality Improvement in Health Care
Strategies to Achieve a Successful Healthcare Organization
If you do not find a course project topic of particular interest on this list, you are permitted to propose your own topic for approval.

You are encouraged to use personal examples and focus your paper on a topic that will help you at work or help you personally.

For this assignment, you will select a topic for your final research paper. You will submit a Word document that discusses the topic you have chosen, why it interests you, and how the concepts will help you as a healthcare leader. You will also locate scholarly sources about your chosen topic. You must include at least five outside sources for your research paper, beyond the course textbook. At least one reference must come directly from the CSU Library. Web resources and professional journal articles will be key sources in researching your topic. Each of the references you select should be summarized in one paragraph.

APA formatting and a reference page is required.

Your paper should be a minimum of two pages in length. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations per APA guidel

Please use 5 resources
Here are two below:

Olden, P. C. (2019). Management of Healthcare Organizations : An Introduction: Vol. Third edition. Health Administration Press.

Maccoby, M., Norman, C., Norman, C. J., & Margolies, R. (2014). Transforming health care leadership: A systems guide to improve patient care, decrease costs, and improve population health. Jossey-Bass.



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