Provide new insights and information and not just be a “pat on the back.”

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  • Each of your posts (original posts & replies) must demonstrate your understanding of the topic.
  • Discuss at a critical level – don’t just recite facts from your reading, discussion, or lecture.
  • Critical discussion includes your opinion of items mentioned, but also includes the reasons you hold that opinion. Justify your reasoning with facts.
  • Please note that one sentence answers are not acceptable.
  • Professional Communication & Etiquette:Written interactions in the Forum show respect and sensitivity to the background and beliefs of your peers. Regardless of the position you take, please be sure that your comments are respectful to the background and beliefs of your peers.
  • Written Responses should be free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors

Review the ~30 minute wissahickon video – go to the bottom of module 1 and the studio line item listed. As we discussed in lecture 1, environmental ethics is a systematic account of the moral relationships between human beings and their natural environment. Based on viewing the video how would you describe the relationship over time in this case. Things to consider: the use of the area including the creek, land development in the surrounding area, pollution and the visitors as well as protectors of the area. Is there a need for continued regulatory and other protection oversight of this area ? If so, why ?

The Valley green

Author: Jeff FarberFriends of the Wissahickon.Umbrella Films.
Publisher: Brookline, MA : Umbrella Films, ©1986.
Edition/Format:  Video : Videocassette : U-matic  Visual material : EnglishView all editions and formats
Summary: Examines the complex interrelationship of the Wissahickon Creek Valley ecosystem with urban and suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Documents the efforts of those involved in the care and protection of the Wissahickon and its watershed, and looks at the need to balance development in urban areas with the protection of green spaces.
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