Is Huxley correct in his assertion about modern media in 2020?

  1. Learn Actively- Learning is a personal, interactive process that results in greater expertise and a more comprehensive understanding of the world.
  • Approach learning tasks with the willingness to take risks and to change attitudes and behaviors toward self and others

2. Think Critically, Creatively, and Reflectively-Reason and imagination are fundamental to problem-solving and critical examination of ideas

Amusing Ourselves to Death Part II. The Age of Show Business “What ... (Links to an external site.)

Purpose: The purpose of this online assignment is to help students develop a well-organized post to an online task.

Skills: This online assignment will assist students in practicing the following skills that are key to college success and success in professional life:

–Composing a clear, concise, post to synthesize chapter content.

–Apply prior learning from course materials (e.g., readings, lens, terms and or/ concepts)

Knowledge: This online assignment will also assist students in becoming familiar with the following essential content knowledge expressed by the Humanities ( as a discipline ).

–Use of proper APA citation guidelines for capturing direct quotes.

–Apply evidence from a specific reading to a well – developed claim or argument.

Tasks: To complete this assignment, students must:

–submit a 300-word post for each response.

–share ideas, perspectives, and insights emerging from a specific history/media topic.

Instructor’s Questions: Is Huxley correct in his assertion about modern media in 2020? What was the warning?


Huxleyian Warning

No secondary posts are required

Grading criteria include:

Student responses will be assessed on:

1) Utilization of course readings (5pts)



a) direct quotes from the text [ including ” ” p. ( single page) or pp. ( multiple pages)]

b) direct and clear connection to the discussion board question

2) Utilization of evidence to support claims. Highlight specific course terms or concepts in your summary (5pts)



a) direct use of course terms and concepts

b) direct use of ideas and perspectives from the textbook authors

3) Capture key ideas from the reading and apply those ideas to current events (5pts)


a) complete synthesis of related course materials to support claims

b) constructed argument packed within the discussion board post requirements

15 points total



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