Identify five nursing interventions to improve the patient’s nutritional status and overall health.

Complete the attached nutritional assessment form based on the patient case study below.
Provide a one-paragraph summary of your findings.
Based on your assessment, identify five nursing interventions to improve the patient’s nutritional status and overall health.
Mr. T. is an 83-year-old male who has been living in a nursing home for the past 12 months since suffering a right middle cerebral artery stroke. During this time, he has had trouble feeding himself and has lost 10 kg. He has an unstageable coccyx ulcer. Patient height 180 cm; weight 55 kg [BMI= 17 kg/m2].

Mr. T. is not able to ambulate or get OOB without the maximum assist of 2 staff. He does not like to turn in bed and lies in the same position, on his back. most of the time. He takes multiple prescriptions including anti-hypertensives, blood thinners, and to treat GERD.

He has dentures but since he has lost weight they do not fit properly and this also hinders his ability to eat. His mouth is consistently dry. Mr. T. eats less than 1 serving of fruit/vegetables a day. He has poor eyesight but does not have current prescription for eyeglasses. Mr. T. is having trouble hearing and is not able to independently clean and put in his hearing aids.

He is now refusing to eat most meals and is very weak. There has been a severe decrease in food intake, he has lost about 6 pounds in the last 3 months. Mr. T never eats a full meal. With assisted feedings, his intake is less than 20% per meal.
No one visits Mr. T. and he has shown signs of depression and said he doesn’t want to live in this condition. Mr. T is a widower with two grown children living in the area. His MAC is 20cm and his CC is 30cm.


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