Video: Inspiring Social Change Through Community Organizing

Efforts to sustain change should involve stakeholders and other community partners. Though you may have engaged your local community/organization formally in dialogue to plan a project addressing a relevant social justice issue, asked them about their needs, learned about the community’s/organization’s strengths and resources, designed a proposed intervention, considered how you might evaluate the effectiveness of that intervention, and terminated the social work intervention, whether the project continues largely depends on your community/organizational partners. Your termination and follow-up plan should include engagement with community partners. In this discussion activity, you will consider how to mobilize potential community partners and allies to sustain long-term change.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

Develop knowledge of social work and other multidisciplinary theoretical frameworks to engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate communities and organizations. (PO 6, 7, 8, & 9)
Develop effective transitions and endings on behalf of client systems. (PO 8, 9)

Video: Inspiring Social Change Through Community Organizing

Background Information
As evidenced in the video you will watch in this activity, stakeholders and other community/organizational partners are key in sustaining long-term efforts. Worker unions and other community/organizational groups can help organize large groups of people around the social justice issue you identified so that the work continues after your intervention. Though these groups may not always agree on social justice issues, they can be important allies that you can draw on as you make plans for termination and follow-up.

Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Watch the video, “ Inspiring Social Change Through Community Organizing.” This video contains Closed Captioning (CC) file.Thumbnail of Video – Click to Play
Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following prompts. Your initial post should be 200 to 300 words long.
Describe how the social worker can use planned termination and follow-up to ensure that the organization and community change continues beyond the intervention.
What groups are available in your community/organization to help sustain the social action project, if appropriate?


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