case study on Communicable Diseases

Choose one case study on Communicable Diseases from your textbook. Pages 392-396

  1. Preventing HIV/AIDs and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Thailand
  2. Controlling TB in China
  3. Controlling Trachoma in morocco
  4. The West African Ebola Outbreak

Choose one case study on Noncommunicable Diseases from your textbook. Pages 440-447.


b)Oral health

  1. c) Challenge of Curbing Tobacco use in Poland

So, after you have chosen two case studies, for each case study answer the following questions(20)

  1. What is the case study about? (2)
  2. What are the costs, consequences and risk factors for this particular disease? (2)
  3. What intervention program is mentioned in the case study? How was it implemented? (2)
  4. Which health actors were involved in this intervention program? (2)
  5. Mention 2 successes of the case study? (2)



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