The “Age of the Common Man.”

The first three decades of the nineteenth century saw a dramatic expansion of the electorate, as state after state dropped property requirements for voting and the country moved toward universal white male suffrage. The expansion of male suffrage, however, was accompanied by the political marginalization of women and nonwhites. Review the main themes of the chapter, paying particular attention to the discussion of women, Indians, and African Americans in the “Age of the Common Man.” Write an essay in which you examine the limitations of the two-party political system in the “Age of the Common Man.” Which groups of Americans were excluded from this system? How and why?

(Word Count: 500-550 words; MLA Format)

Work cited

Jones, Jacqueline, et. al., Created Equal: A Social and Political History of the United States, 5th Edition, Pearson Publishers, (Combined 33A and 33B edition) ISBN-13: 978-0205901302 ISBN10: 0205901301



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