What is one worldview depicted in movies?

These are the movies

To prepare for the topic discussion questions, review one of the following movies rich in worldview material from your local library or streaming service. Further prepare for this activity by carefully reading the instructions in the discussion question.


The Book of Eli

It’s a Wonderful Life


Star Wars (any)

Star Trek (any)

I Can Only Imagine

Dr. Strange

Chronicles of Narnia (Any)

Be prepared to discuss your findings based on your viewing and reflections.


(1)After completing the topic readings, recall a time when you met someone with a different worldview than yours (e.g., pantheism, theism, atheism), and you had a difficult time relating.

What challenges did you have relating to that person?

How might an understanding of the other’s worldview have helped you in that situation?

(2)After viewing one of the films listed in the “Topic 1 Discussion Question Film Resource” from the topic materials, answer the following two questions. Before you post, change the title of the post to include the title of the movie you are discussing.

What is one worldview depicted in the movie?

Which characters held that worldview (e.g., pantheism, theism, atheism)?

Provide at least two quotes or scene descriptions from the movie to defend your point.



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