Obsessives Compulsive and Related Disorder PowerPoint

The presentation should include the disorder’s typical symptoms and associated features, brief history, epidemiology, etiological considerations, current research, cultural considerations, and treatment methods.

2. Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorder Position Paper

Requirement: Participants will be expected to write a brief position paper. (5 pages). This synthesis paper will require both critical thinking and also from your own research interests. The position paper is intended to further your personal or professional interest(s) on a specific topic. This paper should be written in APA style and at least 5 scholarly references

Required references DSM 5

Morrison, J. (1995). DSM 4- made easy: The clinical’s guide to diagnosis. The Guilford press. New York

Grove & Andreasen (1972) . concept, diagnosis, and classification. In E. S. Paykel 9Ed). Handbook of Affective Disorders 9pp. 25-41). Edinburgh: Churchill Livingston.



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