Support Network Exercise: Identifying Your Support Network

How can you distinguish between important tasks and urgent ones?

How do you sort through information and select the most important elements to focus on?

Do you need to go to your own Walden Pond? What would that look like?(where i can retireve information if needed)

How might you respond to a digital detox?

Part 2 ( complete and send back)

Support Network Exercise: Identifying Your Support Network

This brief exercise will help you identify your support network. The goal is to identify people you know and how they might be able to support you during your online program.

Time to complete this exercise:

  • 10 minutes

What you need to complete this exercise:

  • Paper and something to write with OR a computer (choose your preferred method of writing)
  • A timer that will time for 1 minute

The exercise:

1.Set a timer for 1 minute and write down categories of groups of people you know and interact with. (Some examples are friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, volunteer organizations, book clubs, and sports teams.)

When your minute is over, review your categories and adjust as needed. Some categories may need to be combined or added.

2.Once you have a good set of categories, set the timer for 1 minute and add names of people in each category that would be willing to support you. You may not have the same number of people in each category.

3.Once you have a list of people and categories, set a timer for 1 minute and write down a list of activities in your home life that you are currently responsible for, such as child care, pet care, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and household chores.

4.Take the list of activities and spend 1 minute identifying which activities you might ask someone else to do for you or share the work with you so that you will have extra time for studying and coursework.

5.Review the activities you identified and now identify someone in your support network that might help you with each one. It is possible that one person would be willing to support you with more than one activity.

Part 3

Journal (MLA format)

Write a journal entry about your experience completing these two worksheets.

For your journal entry, organize your thoughts around the following questions. Write one paragraph for each bullet.

Describe what you learned from completing the Support Network Exercise Worksheet. Describe any activities that you can streamline. Describe a person who might be able to help with some of your activities.

Describe what you learned from the Time Tracking Worksheet about how you spend your time. How can you change the way you manage your time? Do you feel you have set aside enough time for your new educational responsibilities?

Is there one thing either in your support network or time management that you believe will interfere with your success as a student? If so, how might you address it?

Copy your Time Management Worksheet into the bottom of your journal entry. You can do this by selecting all the text in the Word document and using the copy and paste commands, or by attaching the completed worksheet to the journal.



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