Toyota Motors Corporations business proposal

For this assignment, you’ll take the product (Toyota Motors Corporations) and put together a full-fledged proposal for executive approval. In clear, concise business writing, cover the following topics:

  • Brief summary of the opportunity (opportunities are: make engine emissions cleaner, make it more fuel efficient, and make it more luxurious for affordable price. Opportunities can be changes if needed)
  • Define your product strategy
  • Goal you’re hoping to meet with this opportunity
  • Target Audience
  • Geographic Target
  • Timing for introduction
  • Why is this opportunity a good choice for your organization?
  • What challenges do you see with this new product/service launch?

The final product will be no more than 2 pages, in 12-point Arial font, covering all the information above. Remember, your audience for this is a business executive. Write as though you are proposing this idea to your CEO.


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