Reflective on standardized assessments

In class, we spent time talking about formal assessments. You were asked to complete two formal assessments out of class: the Self-Directed Search by John Holland along with the Career Beliefs Inventory.   For this assignment you are asked to take a step back and reflect on the results you received and how valid they were in reference to yourself.  Did the results assist you in moving you forward in your own career planning?  If so, how or why not?  How have these assessments directly impacted you?  Would you want to do these or other career assessments in the future?


Grading Scheme for Assignment 1 – 25 Points 

All questions need to be addressed in the paper.  In order to have full marks, the following criteria need to be respected:

  • All questions need to be answered with proper explanations where indicated.
  • The text needs to be clearly referenced if outside sources are provided.
  • Clarity in thoughts and writing
  • Complete reference list, if applicable
  • Copies of all assessments are to be included and attached in the appendices.
  • Maximum of six pages


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