The pathophysiology of diabetes

This is regarding your first of three Case Study Assignments.  You will write a scientific paper on Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 and 2.  Write a one or two-page paper on the pathophysiology of diabetes, you will include the epidemiology of this disease (how many individuals in the U.S. population affected per year).  You must also include the following: 1) Patient presentation (i.e., clinical signs and symptoms the patient will display);  2) Diagnosis (Dx) of the disease (i.e., what diagnostic tools are used to diagnose the disease, History and Physical Exam (Hx and PE);  and finally 3) Treatment (Tx) of the Disease (what therapeutic measures and medications used to treat this chronic disease (Dz).

Your paper must also include a conclusion and a Bibliography/Sources/Citation to prove where you obtain all your data and other information for your research paper (Source must include Author’s name, Title of Article or Textbook, page numbers, date written etc…).  The length may be one or two pages long depending on how much information you have to provide, some diseases require more information than others.  You may use any medical Textbooks,  Journals, or a reputable scientific websites such the NIH site which has very good Scientific Research Papers, or the CDC and others.


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