Table of Contents (Automatic TOC to two levels minimum)

Will summarize the research proposal using key words (~ 250 words). This is a summary of the entire paper. It is best to write this last. Do not include citations in the abstract. Include key words at the end of the abstract.

Chapter 1 – Introduction Includes Statement of problem, purpose of research, scope, Research question(s) and hypotheses. You will also need delimitations (parameters set by researcher), limitations (out of researchers control), assumptions, and operational terms. All of these terms are defined in the class textbook. Please follow the guidelines for what should be included in the Introduction.

Chapter 2 – Literature Review or Background
• Provide essential background information on the topic
o Begins with a broad topic (eghypertension the in US), narrows down to specific population (eghypertension in African American men, geography, condition (egAfrican American Men ages45-60 in zip code 21204).
o Defines the population and why and how they are selected (recruitment (African American men have an increased risk for hypertension in the US)
• Identifies gaps in knowledge/need for program and research
• Theory/Model used to guide your study. Cleary describe constructs and link them to your study.
• List of goals, objectives, and outcomes
• Description of your proposed program/intervention including the theoretical constructs. What does the program include? Number of meetings, time, location, curriculum, etc. If basing off of another program or study, include a concise table that shows the parent study side by side with your study

Chapter 3 – Methods
• Identify the goal of the research, the goals and objectives of the program and how each one will be measured. This will be a repeat of what is at the end of the above section.
• Includes research question(s) and ahypothesis and null hypothesis for each Research Question
• Identifies HOW this research will be conducted. Identify and describe study design, using citations from reputable sources.
• Which approval processes would be required? Why?
• How will you select participants (sampling) and where will participants will be sampled; including citations
• Where will the research be conducted (setting), with rational for the setting
• What will you use to collect data and how will you collect data? Must describe the instrument in detail, including example questions, example responses, reliability/validity info; including citations
• What analysis do you propose based on your study design? What types of data/statistics that would be conducted/gathered? What are the reliability and validity concerns for your data; including citations.
• What are the ethical considerations for your research study?
• What limitations exist in the study and how they might be addressed in future studies?Include citations.
• What are the implications for future research?

• You should include a minimum of 15 APA formatted references
• All must be reputable references with citations in-text. The citations and references must match.

The total paper (Chs 1-3, including incremental assignments) must not exceed 18 double-spaced pages, excluding references. The instructor will stop reading at page 18 of the text, and anything that comes after page 18 will not be included in the grade. The file should be saved as: HLTH649_Proposal

Scoring tool
Criteria Specifics Comments
Title and TOC are present and correctly formatted (5%) Needs to be in APA format; Well editing. Automatic TOC
Abstract/ Executive Summary
Summarizes the entire paper, thoroughly, succinctly. Summary clearly describes what is in the paper.

Summary is not as through or succinct, relatively clear

Summary is not as through or succinct, unclear direction

Not done
Introduction (10%)

Includes, Statement of Problem, Purpose of study, Scope, RQ(s) and hypotheses, delimitations, limitations, assumptions, and operational terms. Is thorough & succinct. Accurately depicts what is in the paper-the problem & possible solutions.

Missing one of required items, what is there is thorough & succinct; OR
Includes all three, but is not thorough & succinct.

Missing more than one required item, what is there is thorough & succinct.

Inadequate to receive any grade or missing.
Literature Review (20%)

Since you are critiquing what has been done, should be written in PAST tense.

Broad topic/population with significant, thorough, accurate data to support the issue.
Identifies specific population/geography & accurate data.

Identifies programs & describes program well enough that it is understood.

Identifies the gaps in knowledge or practice. Identifies need for program.

Identifies theories/models that support programming. Links constructs of theory to own program.

Goals, objectives / outcomes described

Criteria Specifics Comments
Methods (30%)
Must use appropriate terminology accurately

For this class (because the research is not done) this section will include what would be done to analyze the data collected. Since you are proposing what you WILL do, should be written in future tense.

Narrative of methods is TSA (thorough, succinct & accurate) (design, samplings, testing, data collection, level of data, description of instrument,etc) everything included, makes sense no major omissions.

Lists Hypothesis & Null Hypothesis (es)

Identifies possible approval processes that will be needed. OR if none are needed, explains why not.

Identifies statistical methods that will be used. It is clear why they are being used—describes why it is being used, what will be the end result of the data. For example, Pearson r would show a correlation. Include citations.

Discussion of Quantitative & Qualitative methods. If only one is used clearly explain why.

Matches the data collected to the goal, objectives, or hypothesis (es).

Identifies limits of what has been proposed (sampling, testing, data analysis, etc) & how to address them moving forward

riting (15%) Written clearly and concisely

Organized content

Logical flow

Sentence structure appropriate

Transitions between chapters and sections included

Introduction and Conclusion for chapters and paper

Spelling and Grammar (10%) After two errors, you lose point for each error up to 10% of your grade
APA format (5%) Writing, formatting, citations and references. After one error, you lose one point for each APA error.


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