Ethical dilemma memo

Find a recent example of an ethical dilemma an organization has faced within the last year. Explain the details of the situation in one paragraph. Using one of the following frameworks of analysis, frame the ethical dilemma.

Framework of Analysis — Content & Writing Guidelines

Follow guidelines for Memo form and Content. You have your book and the links in the module as an example. Remember to include memo format, headings, layout, and business writing conventions.

In a 1-2-page, single-spaced memo with headings analyze the ethical issue(s), using the following framework of analysis. These topics should be the headings of your memo.

The situation (not the person) – State the facts; describe the situation.
Ethical dilemma/issue(s) – Discuss the values and norms that are in conflict.
The stakeholders involved – List them. Describe their involvement. Why/In what
Way are they stakeholders? How are they affected?
The ethical norms (6 Pillars of Character) – Discuss the relevant ethical norms that apply to the case.
Solution – Discuss how the dilemma should have been solved by referring to one or more of the
Guidelines for Making Ethical Decisions that should have been used –see below.
Personal beliefs or feelings — State your opinion as to what should have been done to deal with this


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