Hoaxes, Tricks,and fakers

Reflect: Think about how many hoaxes and fakes are available to us today, including on the internet, and choose a specific example of interest to you. If you are having a tough time thinking of one, you can check out many examples on websites such as http://hoaxes.org/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Write: Within your post:

share an example of an interesting hoax of faker. Include a link or bibliographical information for the source.).
Discuss some or all of the following:
What was the nature of the trick?
How many people seemed to ‘fall for it’?
What mistakes in reasoning did they commit (if any)?
Was the hoax or fake ever debunked (and how)?
Do you think that you would have fallen for it if you had been there (why or why not)?
What kinds of tricks are we exposed to in our everyday lives and how can we learn not to fall for them?





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