Money saving assignment

In this lesson, you explored reasons to save money, as well as taking a peek into the world’s piggy bank.

Do some research on the impact of having inadequate savings. Is this a national issue? An international issue?
Using your research, write one to two paragraphs on the discussion prompt: What are some potential consequences of families having inadequate savings?
Go to the Discussion area and post your paragraph(s).
Review the postings of your classmates, and consider their thoughts on inadequate savings.
Respond to a minimum of two of your classmates.
Ask questions if you do not understand a consequence that is listed.
Do you see a theme in the postings? How can that be captured and shared to assist others in understanding the need for savings.
Working with two or more of your classmates, put together a short list (three to five items) of what you consider to be the top consequences of inadequate savings.



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