Song-dance sequences from Mother India

Homework4: Mother India (The film is on Yamada Language Center’s Virtual Language Lab.)

Pick two song-dance sequences from Mother India (dir. Mehboob Khan, 1957) and describe how each of the two sequences tells a story (narrative level), expresses or direct emotions or points of view (affective level), and how they are similar or different one from the other. Your answer must consider the significance of cinematic techniques that appear in the sequences (i.e. song-dance sequence as significant to time/space, etc.). Please also include your opinion on why song-dance sequences that you pick are important to the overall narrative or message of the film.

Requirements: 500-700 words with formal written language, 1-2 paragraphs only.

Consider starting your paragraph with: “In Mother India, there are two song-dance sequences that [your argument]” or anything close to this suggestion.


Depth of analysis: engagement with the film’s aesthetic, and the way in which the film’s narrative is structured in a particular aesthetic style; forming a strong coherent argument:10/10

Evidence: skillful sequences reading that supports the argument: 10/10




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