Annotated Bibliography and Literary Analysis

Read and analyze a novel, read and analyze a short story, read (or watch) and analyze a play, or watch and analyze a film in which one of the major characters suffers from theDISABILITY (BIPOLAR DISORDER) .


Make sure to be clear about:

The author and title of the work you have chosen
Your rationale for choosing the literary work:
Why did you choose this particular work? Why do the author and the work appeal to you?
What relationship does it have to your chosen disability?
What do you hope to learn about the disability by reading a fictional treatment?
Explain the answers to these questions well, using complete sentences, specific language, specific details, and specific description.

Then, list at least three outside sources you plan to use as you analyze the work of fiction you have chosen. Preferably, you will have at least one scholarly source, but you may also use reviews as long as they refer specifically to the treatment of disability. List the works as they would appear on a works cited page, and supply eight sentences below each works cited entry that summarize how you plan to use the article/source in your essay.


MLA citation

First, an annotation includes a summary of the source–at least the thesis and the main points of evidence. The summary should be five to seven sentences long and should provide a clear understanding of what is included in the source.

In addition, the annotation includes an evaluation of the source, providing such information as the authority of the author, the persuasiveness of the argument, the credibility of the source, and the usefulness of the source for analyzing the piece of literature. For the purposes of our assignment, you should certainly include something about the discussion of disability in the article, and why the source will be useful in your essay.


You MUST include a full thesis statement (YOUR main idea about the author’s treatment of disability) and at least three main points; please also include at least two points of evidence for each main point (from the literary work and/or from the sources you plan to use).

Your outline should include at least upper-case Roman numerals and upper-case letters (I, I, III with A and B for each). Do not write partial statements or incomplete sentences. Make sure your outline is detailed enough to understand easily. Use complete sentences.


It must be a Word document of 750-900 words properly formatted in MLA style.

You must be sure to cite the literary (or cinematic) source as well as all outside reviews and scholarly sources consulted. See the requirements above from this module before you submit the final draft.


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