Human subjects research protection

For this assignment, you will visit the The Research Clinic:

You will click to play Jan Klein, RN. Work your way through the brief videos, choosing the best response as the RN assisting in research. Upon completing the videos, using what you learned from the videos and the readings, you will submit a Word file that summarizes:

The essential elements of informed consent
Special populations that require special legal and ethical research considerations
The nurse’s role in advocating for the patient in research situations
This assignment will be in APA format and will require a separate title and reference page. Your summary should be between 200-300 words

Journal articles must be 2013-2018
3 point per day deduction for late assignments
Suggested headings to guide your paper are listed below
Suggested HeadingsTitle of Paper (centered, not bolded)

Essential Elements of Informed Consent (centered, bolded, first letter capitalization)

Special Populations (centered, bolded, first letter capitalization)

Nurses Role in Research Situations (centered, bolded, first letter capitalization)

Conclusion (if you choose to use this heading it would be centered, bolded) but it is preferred to simply state…In conclusion, at the beginning of the paragraph


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