Mesopotamian Deep Impact

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Discussion question: Mesopotamian Deep Impact! The Kofels site has long mystified geologists and historians alike. Referring to at least two details from the Nic Fleming article, describe what the event was, and which book helped bring it into the public consciousness. State what the new explanation is, and decide whether you find it plausible or implausible. Then tell us why.

Here’s a story about devastation of a more ancient vintage, the Mesopotamian Deep Impact: It offers an explanation for a previously undeciphered clay tablet unearthed in Ninevah by the early archaeologist Austen Henry Layard. The Kofels event Nic Fleming describes in his article may itself have given rise to the Biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Greek myth of Phaeton’s solar chariot ride, and other ancient accounts of catastrophic environmental destruction — though that’s purely conjecture, as Alan Bond and Mark Hempsell offers in their book A Sumerian Observation of the Köfels Impact Event. But as Stonehenge demonstrates, the ancients had at least a rudimentary understanding of astronomy, which appears to be the purpose of the tablet as well




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