An essay about Germany book Threepenny’s Opera

As with your previous essay, you must use

proper essay structure. For the test, you can use your book.


questions have already been posted on Brightspace, which gives

you time to prepare your response; as a result, my expectations

are higher for this test than they would be otherwise.

I encourage

you to prepare notes for the essay, be it jot notes outlining your

structure or even rough drafts.

For the test, you can bring in a

sheet with your thesis statement (not your introductory

paragraph), and your 3-4 supporting points in jot note form.


will be handed in with the test, and part of your mark will be

based on this.

It must come with a clear thesis statement

and I will upload a file with all questions, you can choose one as a topic, and then make clear thesis statement and support it.

please note clear page number so that I will find these quotes, and do not use very long words, and please use creative and specific thesis statement. Prefer someone who have read the book before. and it’s around 1000 words.


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