Lymarie Escalera (Team Lead)

(50 words) Introduction (Lymarie)
(190 words) Identify OSHA regulations or standards applicable to each scenario(Lymarie)
(190 words) Describe how the 3 OSHA regulations for standards apply to your company and how they were violated (Lymarie)
(190 words) Describe ways to minimize the identified Safety Concerns. (Marilyn Marchbanks)
(190 words) Explain one or two Worker’ Compensation issues as identified by the applicable State laws that you will need to address for each of the individuals. (Patrick King Arizona)
(190 words) Describe ways to minimize the risk of employee injury to avoid future Workers’ Compensation claims (Marilyn Marchbanks)
(50 words) Conclusion (Patrick King)

*Do not forget the references, and the format must be APA.


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