Putting Research into action plan

1. Putting Research into action plan
For each type of text that you are planning to compose (2 for individual writers; 3 for teams of writers), write about your
Audience: Whom are you composing this for and why? You may identify more than one target audience
Purpose: Why are you composing this text? What do you hope to accomplish? Are you seeking to inform, encourage a shift in perspective, offer tools for action, etc.?
Genre: What genre of text are you choosing for your audience and purpose and why? How do you imagine it working in the world?

2. Planning/ drafting

Choose two of the genres of text that you are working on for Writing Project.
Include your initial planning/drafting here for that text. This can be an outline, words that you wrote for the actual text, drawings, or whatever is applicable and useful for what you are doing. Use the strategies of idea generation & drafting that we have discussed throughout the course.

3. Shitty first draft (2 pages) also I will attach criteria for a project.


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