An Agile Scaling Model

Agile focuses on working software vs detailed documentation. However many projects need documentation to convey the design to the team or to comply with mandatory rules and regulations.

Please review the link:…

The author provides some documentation strategies using XP, and agile software development framework.

Imagine you are the project manager of a large project for an organization using the Agile scaling model.
In 400 words or more determine your decision-making approach for this project and explain why.
Determine the approach you would use to handle the documentation needs for the project identified in this discussion.
Support your answer with a rationale for your decision.
Use a min of one resource.
“Portfolio Governance”:

Evaluate the differences and similarities between a waterfall approach to portfolio management and an Agile approach to portfolio management.
Include examples for each to support your response.
Choose an organization which you are familiar with.
In 400 words or more take a position on whether enterprise-level governance is needed for your chosen organization and explain why or why not.
Use a minimum of one resource

Use your own work experience or educational experience to explain how you would measure product quality in Agile project management.
Suggest three (3) ways on how to conduct testing in Agile project management.
Support your answers with real-life scenarios.
“Measuring Performance”

Determine the differences between the outcome performance measurement and the output performance measurement.
Provide a scenario of each being clearly used.
Evaluate why cost is not one of the five core metrics in the SLIM model.
Speculate on the consequence(s) if cost served as one of the core metrics.
Provide two (2) examples to support your answer
Use a minimum of one resource
“New Attitude”

Imagine you are the project manager for an organization and you are asked to use Agile concepts for a large project.
In 400 words or more determine the attitude you must have to run an Agile project management practice and explain why.
Determine the behavior changes you must make on your own to adapt Agile project management in the situation described.
Thoroughly explain why the changes must be made.
Use a minimum of one resource
“Scrum Alliance Code of Ethics”

Read the article titled “Scrum Alliance Code of Ethic” located at
From the article, give your opinion as to whether or not ethics matter in Agile project development and management.
Speculate on he consequences of performing Agile projects without considering ethics. Include two (2) examples to support your answer.
Imagine you are an IT project manager using Agile methods to perform your job.
Identify at least four (4) ethical issues pertaining to your Agile projects and determine how you would mitigate them




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