The Blue Buffalo Divine Delights TV Commercial

For the introduction and target audience: Identify which ad you are analyzing, and be sure to provide a thesis statement(s) about what you plan to discuss and what is the larger point(s) of your paper (keep the intro brief!). A separate paragraph is also usually necessary to make a case for the target audience(s).

ad link:

Identify and analyze THREE important persuasive features in the ad that you think would help determine the degree to which the ad is effective for the particular target audience(s) (which means, of course, that you will also need to identify who you think is/are the target audience(s) and why).

For each separate persuasive feature: Define your term(s) (including citing sources in APA style) and provide evidence that it is indeed being used in the ad. Discuss how that feature would help or hurt (or both) the effectiveness of the ad for a given audience. All three features must be concepts/terms discussed in lecture or course readings. The persuasion-related features, such as source qualities (e.g., credibility, similarity) or message strategies (e.g., fear appeal, use of a particular kind of evidence) usually work best. However, you may also choose features that come from other course topics, such as perception (e.g., attention-getting features like salience; factors that influence impression formation) or something you find applicable from interpersonal, small group, organizational, or mass comm (but NOT language or nonverbal topics)

Use outside research: In addition to supporting your arguments with clearly defined course concepts and concrete examples from the ad, you must find and discuss the findings of at least TWO published empirical studies to support your arguments about the effectiveness (or not) of some of the particular features in this ad.


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