Intro power of curiosity syllabus

The class I am taking is Western Philosophy and the topic of the class is the meaning of the word “curiosity”. The question for the essay is “Using Descartes, Pascal, and Locke, first describe the early modern position on curiosity. Then compare that position either to one or more thinkers in the ancient and medieval period”. I have written an essay comparing listed modern philosophers to ancient and medieval ones such as Seneca, Plutarch, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas. I am looking for a revision of my paper or you can write a new one, up to you but the grade I have received is C, so I am looking for a grade A. The syllabus for the readings is attached below. There are assigned sections from books for each philosopher. Also, my essay is attached below. As it is stated in the description, you can compare modern philosophers to one or more ancient and medieval thinkers.


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