Reading Reseach Literature: Nursing

1. Read over each article and answer each question on the worksheet. You can find the worksheet attached below.

First article:

Jenson, H., Maddux, S., & Waldo, M. (2018). Improving oral care in hospitalized non-ventilated patients:

Standardizing products and protocol. MEDSURG Nursing, 27(1), 38–45.

Second article:

Woolston, W., & Connelly, L. (2017). Felty’s syndrome: A qualitative case study. MEDSURG Nursing, 26(2),


2. You must use the grading rubric to ensure you are meeting all grading criteria of the worksheet. (I’m not stressing the rubric too much. Just answer the questions in detail with the information provided in the article).

3. Use mostly your own words, type your answers to the questions directly on the required worksheet. Be sure to cite paraphrased and direct quoted sentences.

4. Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and APA in text formatting for cited sentences.


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