Study Guide for Common Infectious Conditions treated in Outpatient Primary Care Setting

Recognize the signs and symptoms of key infectious diseases
Identify goals of therapy for these infectious diseases
Develop empiric treatment for treating infectious disease
Identify diagnostic testing to help guide the clinician’s differential diagnosis
Identify the first line pharmacological agents to treat infection
Differentiate the lifespan considerations when prescribing medications
Develop patient education plan for pts with infection
Discuss the implications for vaccinations and infection.
Identify the patient who has viral infection vs bacterial infection
Identify the diagnostic testing (laboratory and imaging) tests that should be performed to assist in both diagnosis and management of patient with infection.
Identify pain as it applies to different infections and how NP can manage it.
Identify any black box (BB) warnings with anti infectives prescribed
13. Practice correct method to write out prescriptions for adult and for pediatric patient.



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