Rape Victims and their Rights

A 20-year-old girl accuses her ex-boyfriend of raping her in a drunken rage. However, the prosecutor states that although he believes her story, there is simply not enough evidence to take the accused to trial and have a jury find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The victim turns to a voluntary organization dealing with rape victims. The organization has assigned you the task of providing her with the available options. You need to give her the following details:

The legal rights of victims against perpetrators.
The current research and prevalence of these types of crimes.
The options available to the victim in the civil court.
How victim advocacy programs work.
Civil litigations for providing redress to victims.
Positive and negative effects of civil litigation on the lives of the victim.
In addition, you need to explain the following:

Define and explain the type of crime(s) committed.
What is the need for creating a constitutional amendment that assures a certain level of victims’ rights in all courts? In this scenario, were the rights of the victim violated?
Do we need to create an amendment to protect victims in this situation or are the victim’s rights already protected?
What are some of the rights that could be guaranteed to the victim in this case?
How would these rights affect or conflict with the rights of offenders in the system?
What are the psychological and financial impacts for victims in this type of situation?
Submission Details

Submit your answers in a 4–5 pages Microsoft Word document.
Support your responses with examples.
Cite any sources in APA format.





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