The objective of this assignment is to convince readers that this prescribed policy provides the best political ideas and tools to tackle and solve the problem.

The best way to find a topic is to identify a problem in your job, your home, your community/city, school, or any other localized area. Sample topics could include:

Gang violence in your community
Opioid crisis
How to encourage more people to vote in the presidential elections.
Teenage Pregnancy
Prison Overcrowding

Paper Should Include:

Presentation of the problem (its existence, seriousness, and causes)
Consequences of failing to solve the problem
The title of the policy
The stakeholders involved in this issue, including individuals, groups, institutions, government, etc.
Description of the proposed policy in detail.
List of steps for raising awareness –by your group- and mobilizing the public to help you solve the problem
Discussion of reasons to support the policy
Citation and Sources:

Use MLA writing style guidelines.
Make sure that you cite all the works you have used.
The minimum number of resources required: 1 Book, and 1 academic journal article, and 1 newspaper and or magazine article, and 1 website.
Unacceptable web sources: Wikipedia; Ask.Com; Any site that sells/provides college papers

Here is a sample paper you might find useful:

Welfare Abuse Policy Prescription Paper Sample

Identify an issue (a problem) that needs to be fixed, such as “Welfare Abuse.”
Explain the nature of the problem and describe why current welfare regulations have failed.
Next, propose your own policy, meaning a political solution, such as a law to fix the welfare abuse problem.
Describe the content and the scope of this new policy by itemizing the rules it establishes. For example, who should be eligible to get welfare benefits? How long should an individual be able to collect these benefits? Should there be any verification system to check the applicant’s personal information? Should there be any rules regarding what they can spend their government-provided money? What kinds of penalties should be put into place if someone is caught cheating, etc.?
Make sure to follow the MLA writing style and remember to cite every single source used


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