Reality (definition essay)

Your task as a writer is to explore how our personal ideologies (including but not limited to political, social, cultural, economic, and religious convictions) shape our approach to identifying and solving problems. For example, how might our personal religious beliefs affect how we understand the way the world works? How does this understanding of the way the world works, which we might loosely refer to our personal reality, guide our decision-making? Using two of our readings from the current module as evidence. What does reality mean ? Do people really have fundamentally different views of reality? Is our definition of reality itself a purely human/social construct? Choose two of the readings from this module forward (king, Marx, Butler, and Plato) to use as your “expert” sources. You must also use the movie we will watch in class next week in a meaningful way.


4 page minimum length (does not include works cited page)

12 pt. Times New Roman font

MLA style throughout, including a complete and correct works cited page

Heavy analysis (no summary)

No “five paragraph” essays


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