The “symbolic interactionist” perspective in sociology

Your paper should be roughly 750-1,000 words – three typed double-spaced pages (12 point font).

Provide an overview of the “symbolic interactionist” perspective in sociology – what are its main ideas, how does it differ from other sociological approaches. Next, summarize Erving Goffman’s “dramaturgical approach” (which is one variant of the interactionist perspective) and apply it to one specific social interaction that you have experienced in your social life. Examples are job interviews, first day on the job, first dates, meeting the parents of significant others, professional or in-class presentations. Discuss the “social scripts” that you follow and show how the concepts of “social roles,” “scripts,” “rehearsal,” “impression management,” “props,” “face-work” and “front” and “back” stage help describe your role performance. Be certain to define each of these concepts.



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