Needs of Women After Re-entry from Jail

Supervision of Women: Community Corrections, Rehabilitation, and Re-entry.” The entry into a correctional program or institution presents issues unique to female offenders. Additionally, how they got to the program or institution varies widely based on the issues of the prior chapters. Even though females are a small portion of the entire population on probation, in community corrections, parole, and corrections, their programming and service needs can differ greatly from that provided to and sought by male offenders.

please answer ONLY ONE of the two following questions:

  1. Reentry: Identify and discuss three specific needs for women who have just been released from jail back into the community. For each need identified, explain why, in your estimation, it is important.
  2. In designing a gender-responsive program for women, what key features would you include in your program curriculum and why?

Answer these questions in 2-4 pages of text in APA format (four to six pages including your cover page, text, in-text citations, references on their own page, etc.).



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