Using the school library and proper APA formatting

Using the school library and proper APA formatting, write a research paper on the following as they relate to physical security.

What are protective barriers and what should they entail?
What mitigation procedures can be used to ensure the resiliency of protective barriers?
What is the significance of access and corrective controls?
Describe and explain some of the hardening methods of entry control.
Requirements Your reading assignment for this week is chapter five of the Fennelly text. Please write a minimum of two paragraphs on each question. Every paragraph must be indented, have at least four complete sentences, subtitled (centered bold), and a different in-text citation. Do not continuously cite at the end of each paragraph. You are required to write and cite according to APA 6th Edition format. Your SafeAssign Score needs to be no more than 30%. Please ensure that you use the Individual Project Header for this and every IP assignment. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in a low or zero grade.


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