The Newton Ad Agency

What an exciting opportunity. The Newton Ad Agency is thinking big and planning ahead. Newton has launched Vision 2020, an initiative for strategic U.S. and international expansion. As part of this initiative, Newton is hiring recent graduates, including those with a sound knowledge of information technology (IT). You have submitted your résumé and applied for the position of Junior Network Administrator with this firm. A few days later, you received some welcome news: You have been selected for an interview. The interview will be conducted by a four-member panel that includes two network administrators (Jim and Jenna), the IT manager (John), and a business analyst (Marie). The panel has requested your response to the following questions:  What are some foundational concepts and components of a computer network?  What are the components of an internet protocol version four (IPv4) IP address?  When should a network administrator assign static IP addresses to network devices? As you can see, this panel is asking you to demonstrate an ability to explain some fundamentals of networking and network management that you have engaged in throughout this course. While the first question is rather broad, the others are more specific. Two of the questions ask you to put yourself in the place of a network administrator and explain how specific situations or business cases may lead to choices about networking. While the content you have engaged in TestOut can serve as background knowledge for this assignment, you need to extend it and prepare for the interview with additional research from scholarly sources and cite at least one scholarly source beyond TestOut. For instance, while TestOut is great place to discover basic information to answer the first question on the foundations of networking, you may add nuance and further detail from additional research as experts and scholars debate key concepts. Information from nonacademic sources, such as Wikipedia, are not appropriate for this assignment. For the purpose of this assignment, you will provide your answers in writing. Keep in mind that you need to demonstrate knowledge and explain your reasoning in a clear manner that the panelists can easily recognize. Therefore, this needs to be your best writing. It should be clear, concise, well-reasoned, and wellsupported with appropriate APA citations. Study the rubric below as it will show you the critical elements that the panelists (and your instructor) will expect to see in your work. Rubric Guidelines for Submission: Your interview assignment must be submitted as a Word document. It must be about 2 pages in length. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least one scholarly source cited in APA format.



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